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Pilatus Cable Car

When we followed the bus power lines and eventually saw the sign pointing left from the road to Mount Pilatus, the sight of little gondola cable cars ascending from behind the building on the road, into the sky was incredible.

We parked at the car park nearby and not forgetting to get a parking ticket, otherwise we would have been in for a nasty surprise. 

Venturing to the ticket office, we decided to go for the cable cars to go up and come back down the mountain. At this time I was unaware of any other options to ascend or descend the mountain, other than the cable cars.

So it started with the four seat gondola cable cars, which are a treat, especially the way they gently slow down and automatically open their doors, allowing you to easily climb aboard. The ascent in the gondolas is slow and easy, allowing you to marvel at the scenery all around.

The bells from the cows along the grazing pastures along the climb up the mountain allied with the crisp Swiss air, made the climb an incredibly eventful journey.

A third of the way up, the gondola slowed down again to give us the opportunity to get off and experience this part of the peak but we wanted to go to the top. The gondola doors closed as quickly as they had opened and we were once again off to the top.

At about two thirds of the way up, we had to finally get out of the gondola, as it was going around the loop to make it's journey back down the mountain.

We duly got off and followed the signs pointing to the top of the mountain. We entered waiting area, where other travellers stood waiting patiently for what seemed like another cable car. Indeed it was, but this time it was no gondola but a giant cable car capable of holding 50 people. 

We climbed into the cable car and were once again off but this time it was no gentle ascent up the mountain. This cable car was fast and it zipped up the mountain, at one point it took my breath away, as the mountain view beneath us temporarily disappears.

Gondola cable cars

There are two cable cars operating up and down Mount Pilatus, with the smaller panoramic gondolas offering incredible views during the partial ascent up the mountain.

These gondolas cable cars can seat up to four people comfortably in relative comfort, taking them gently up to Fräkmüntegg from where the bigger cable cars whisk tens of people up to the near the summit at Pilatus Kulm.

The larger cable cars whisk you at speed and out of the many times I have been in these cable cars, there's always one particular point which makes my heart jump, just like the others with me in the cable car.